Terms and Conditions
Carefully read the following rules

First check if IPTV is suitable for you to prevent complaints due to too high expectations.

  • You are ordering HIPTV, we do not sell or extend accounts for other providers such as Rapid.
  • At the location where you will use IPTV you have sufficient internet speed. Check this on Speedtest.net, this must be at least a stable 10mbps Internet connection. Note that Wi-Fi at the campsite or in a hotel is often not fast enough for FULL HD broadcasts.  (Also in some countries internet is not always as excellent as you are used to, even in Belgium it does not always seem to be fast, stable or unlimited, check this in advance and do not complain afterwards)
  • Prior to your order, you have tried HIPTV one day for free and are convinced that your equipment and software are appropriate. Payment does not automatically make your connection or device suitable so please check this in advance.
  • IPTV is not a worthy replacement for cable or dish TV, you have a lot of live channels for little money, but you may experience interference more often than with regular subscriptions, remember this before you cancel your current cable subscription.
  • If you are a hardcore sports fan, please consider to also take an official cable or dish subscription but do not be angry with us if, during a major game, the broadcast has some interference, IPTV is much cheaper and but you can not expect the world for a small payment, so be aware that you agree with this before you pay.  
  • Changes to the channel list are possible, this is often due to external causes beyond our influence. Our focus is obviously on the mainstream channels, ie if a particular Russian channel is no longer available, it is no reason for a complaint. This is part of the IPTV phenomenon.
  • You can view up to 1 device at the same time with the same account, so this can not be shared. However, it is permitted to watch with other devices, as long as this is not simultaneous. (More subscriptions in the same household are possible, these may of course be used simultaneously)
  • We use a Fair-Use policy, so normal use and not 24×7 VOD downloads for example.
  • Threats to our employees always lead to immediate termination of the service, without refund.
  • Complaints and claims with paypal or other agencies are also a reason to stop our cooperation and service immediately.